4 Steps to Speed Up Muscle Recovery After a Workout

4 Steps to Speed Up Muscle Recovery After a Workout


Working out at a high intensity will help you get in shape. However, post workout recovery is just as important. The following muscle recovery tips will help ensure that you avoid injury and improve your fitness.

Drink a Lot of Fluids

This is one of the best gym recovery tips that you can use. Studies have shown that being dehydrated can impair performance. It can also cause muscle fatigue and other complications. Many people forget to drink water before, during and after their workout. You don't want to wait until you are thirsty to start drinking your water.

Sports drinks can also help with post workout recovery. Chocolate milk is something else that can help you recover. Chocolate milk is filled with water, carbohydrates, fats and protein.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Most people know that sleeping is important for your overall health. However, many people do not know that if you do not get enough sleep, then their performance can suffer. Sleep deprivation can also impair muscle recovery. It is recommended that you get seven to eight hours of sleep per night.

Increase Your Protein Intake

Getting the proper protein is another one of the gym recovery tips that will help you. Keep in mind that you do not have to take supplements to get the proper amount of protein. Lean cuts of meat, Greek yogurt, lean meat and cottage cheese are examples of some of the foods that are high in protein.

You can also have a protein snack before you go to bed. This will ensure that your muscles recover properly while you are sleeping. The amino acids in the protein will also reduce the amount of soreness that you feel in your muscles. Additionally, you can have a pre-workout protein shake and a protein workout shake.

Plan Your Rest Days

Planning your rest days is one of the many muscle recovery tips that will help you. It is a good idea for you to allow yourself to have 48 hours in between intense workouts. However, this is not a rule that you necessarily have to follow to the tee. You can adjust the schedule according to what works best for you.

Keep in mind that having a rest day does not necessarily mean you have to sit on the couch all day. You can do stretching exercises. You can also do gentle cardio, such as Tai Chi or walking.

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