4 Ways to Save a Bad Workout

4 Ways to Save a Bad Workout
4 Ways to Save a Bad Workout

Bad days happen to everyone and so do bad workouts. But are they salvageable? The following are four ways to save a bad workout.

1. Gradual Lighter Weights Sets

Upon finishing a dull workout, you might feel like further taxing your muscles. In such a case, taking the last exercise to failure is commendable.

Instead of, for instance, 40 same weight reps, take descending sets. You can do a series of eight to 12 reps. Work with lighter weights in each set. With 40 pounds dumbbells, do ten side lateral reps.

Immediately, follow that with ten reps with 30 pounds dumbbells. Then take ten reps with 25s.

Finally, take ten reps with 20-pound weights. For each set, push to failure.

2. Getting Back to the Initial Workout

Too often, very strong beginning workouts lead to weak endings. When at the climax of your first exercise, take a mental note when your intensity starts to wane. Try not to allow your energy to fizzle out in your other lifts. Instead, go back to the initial workout.

For instance, you could have started with heavy bench presses. You could then have followed that with incline presses. Then dumbbell flies. You'd need to conclude your workout with a set of about 13 reps of bench presses.

Doing so helps you get a good pump. It is among the bad workout tips that achieve top results. It re-accustoms your muscles to your initial lifts range of strength and motion.

3. Taking Rapid Reps

Taking rapid reps is among the workout tips that bring blood to your target muscles. But how is it done?

You need to pick an isolation exercise first. It could be triceps pushdowns or leg extensions. Then pump out reps at twice your good form speed.

As your speed diminishes, perform partial reps and push to complete failure.

Bodybuilding competitors use such workout tips during backstage preps.

4. Focusing to Keep Performance Up

Best practice for bad workout tips cannot ignore focus. Remember, distraction spoils performance in everything that we apply our energies to doing.

To chest workouts, you could additionally take a superset of incline presses. Both are targets for your upper chest muscles.

For medial deltoids, superset side laterals with a series of wide-grip upright rows.

Focus on a specific area and give it a priority. You could take a final rapid dose of quality high-rep intensity work.

Final Thoughts

Even good athletes have bad workouts. It is normal. Apply the above four ways to save a bad workout. They are top tips that make workouts easier, more fun, and focused.

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