5 Biggest Benefits of Using a Massage Gun

Whether you’re a gym junkie, sports fanatic or you just enjoy the benefits of regular exercise,lactic acid build up, delayed onset muscle soreness, tightness and low blood circulation are all things we have accepted as a part of working out.However, there’s a little known fact within the Lexco community, you don’t have to endure any of the above as a part of your daily routine. Regularly using massage guns have so many benefits pre and post exercise. We strongly believe it’s equally important to invest the same amount of time caring for our body before and after we workout, like we do during a workout. Without proper muscle warm ups and recoveries, you’re not doing yourself or your muscles, limbs, joints or tendons any favours.

To inspire you to finally start taking charge of your muscle therapy and recovery process without as many aches and pains here are 5 of the biggest benefits of using massage guns.

Experience targeted relief for even those tricker areas.

Massage guns are perfect for when you’re craving that muscle relief from areas where typical foam rollers, massage sticks and other equipment can’t exactly reach. Each and every Lexco Massage gun comes with eight different massage head attachments so you’re able to work through and massage awkward knots found in your pecs, glutes, hips and traps without the hassle of finding the “perfect” position to target those areas.


It increases lymphatic drainage and improves your overall lymphatic system. 

Improving your lymphatic system is important because it flushes and removes your body’s unnecessary fluids, waste and toxins. How massage guns assist in draining your lymphs is by the vibrations sent through your body, and in particular your muscles. While we’re draining the unwanted fluids, you’re also creating more oxygen, promoting blood circulation and ensuring those needed proteins and nutrients are successfully building and repairing muscle. Having freedom and flexibility to create a recovery routine that suits you and your
body is important, which is why in addition to the eight different detachable heads, there are 30 different speed and pressure combinations.

They release lactic Acid and Improve DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness). 

Lactic Acid build up and delayed onset muscle soreness is something we’re all accustomed to, however by regularly using a massage gun there is light at the end of the tunnel. When your body has low levels of oxygen, it works harder to create the energy you need, which in turn creates a build up of lactic acid in your blood. When your body is unable to keep up with these higher levels of lactic acid, in combination with your low levels of oxygen,oftentimes you’ll experience DOM and the feeling of utter exhaustion and cramping. Massage guns are
particularly great at alleviating these issues quicker, by relaxing and releasing acids and toxins found in your muscles. The repetitive deep tissue massage ensures you’re never held back by DOM, and can reach your full potential during work or play.

You’re not limited by where, when or how you can relieve your muscles. 

To enjoy the benefits of a massage gun, you don’t need to worry whether you have enough floor space like a foam roller, you don’t need to wait for an appointment like a massage therapist and you don’t need to carry multiple pieces of equipment like massage sticks and balls. Our Lexco Mini Massage Gun is perfect if you’re constantly on the go, but crave that relief. The size of our mini massage gun means you can carry it from home, to the gym, to work and back to the gym without much effort at all. Our lexco massage guns have a
rechargeable battery life of 7 hours so you’ll rarely be without. 

Improves range of motion and flexibility, fast tracking your muscle recovery. 

Not only do massage guns take care of muscles, but they assist in the general health of your surrounding ligaments, joints, tendons and other tissues. Once you’ve found your rhythm, and routine using a massage gun, you’ll slowly become more flexible as your body begins to relax and your range of motion improves. Becoming more mentally and physically relaxed has a wealth of benefits, but in relation to sports and exercise, you aren’t held back by tightness and you’re less likely to experience sprains during your sweat sessions.

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