How to Get the Most Out of Your Massage Gun

If you’re using a massage gun for the first time, we completely understand how
overwhelming it can be, however the beauty of using a massage gun is that they are incredibly easy to operate! If you don’t know all of the benefits of using a massage gun, we strongly suggest reading up on this blog after that talks about 5 of the biggest benefits there is to implementing a massage gun in your pre and post workouts. To ensure you and your muscles are getting the most out of your massage gun, we’re sharing tips you can try before and after your next sweat sesh.

Float, don’t press.
While using your massage gun, remember to “float” it around the muscle rather than pressing down. The difference between the two is that by floating, the head of the massage gun should just be touching the surface of your skin, rather than the head pressing into your skin before turning it on.

Using the different heads.
If you’re given different detachable heads with your massage gun, we definitely recommend making the most out of them! Like different gym equipment that are meant to focus on different parts of the body, using different heads offer the same experience. It’s important for a holistic massage experience to use a combination of these heads for a better result.

Don’t forget to breathe!
The more relaxed you are, the better you and your muscles will feel during the massage and afterwards. While using your massage gun, it’s a great opportunity to practice some mindfulness and controlled breathwork. Our favourite breathing technique is breathing in for six seconds, holding for four seconds and then exhaling for 6 seconds. By breathing you’re also helping move oxygen around your body which is what will help fight avoid DOMS.

Take your time, go slow.
There’s no reason to rush the process, in fact it’s better to take your time in circular motions as it will also improve your lymphatic drainage, increase blood circulation and help fight against DOMs, (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). While we don’t recommend using the massage guns for hours at a time, we do encourage them to use them for longer than 5 minutes to really feel the benefits of this product.

Avoid hovering in one spot.
It’s quite easy to get lost in the relief and relaxation of a massage gun, however be careful not to hover in one spot for too long. Instead, just float in circulation motions in the one area if you want to target a specific spot for longer.

Explore different speed and pressures.

A Lexco Massage Gun comes with 30 different speed and pressure combinations! We find that different workouts require different pressures and tempos, so if ever you need help finding what works for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of professionals.
Otherwise explore the different sensations and pleasures of your very own combinations.

Listen to your body and know when to stop.
If you’re finding that your muscles are tensing upon contact, or you’re in pain, we strongly suggest that you first make sure you’re using the floating technique and not pressing the massage gun against the area. If pain continues, stop using your massage gun and give time to rest that area.

Massage guns are meant for your muscles.
Remember they’re designed for your muscles, so to ensure you’re using the product correctly avoiding direct contact with joints, bones and tendons. Don’t worry! Those areas are still being treated and improved as you work on your muscles, along with improving your mobility, flexibility and blood circulation.

Keep everything together.

The last thing we want is to lose our favourite massage head, which is why our Lexco massage guns arrive in a portable, sleek and secure bag that has enough space to hold the massage gun, charger and the 8 different detachable heads. Get in the habit of keeping everything in one spot all together, so you’re less likely to lose or forget those favourite parts!

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